Close up photo of Metallic Streamers, shown in Red, Silver and Blue.
Close up photo of Metallic Streamers, shown in Red, Silver and Blue.

Metallic Streamers "Custom Length Strings"

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Super bright eye catching streamers.
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Metallic Fringe Pennant Streamers, "Custom Live Length Strings" in 60', 65', 70, 75', 80', 85', 90', 95', 100', 110' and 120 feet custom length strings.

Do you have an odd length between your poles to hang your Metallic Streamers? Now instead of buying extra strings and tying strings together you can order your Metallic Streamers in "Custom Live Length" strings just for your promotion.

"Live" means the running length of the metallic streamer material itself (not including tie ends). If your poles are 60 feet or more between each pole you can now custom order 60 feet or more of live streamers and save from buying two strings and tying them together. Saving you money! Not to mention the streamer will last longer and look much better if they are not tied together. 

We will include 4 feet of ties at each end of the streamer to tie to your poles. So a good accurate measurement is very important. 


It's your promotion you should have your own choice of colors for that promotion! Now you can with our new build your own streamer colors.

Same great quality, 10 Metallic colors available: Red, Silver, Blue, Gold, Green, Purple, Black, Turquoise, Magenta and Orange to make your special color streamer.

Choose from our 50+ color combinations in our drop down menu above or choose your own special colors.

Choose from 1 to 5 different alternating colors per string.

Ordering is simple, choose each color section above. For a one color solid string choose the first color only. Your streamer will be one color. Leave all the other boxes with NONE listed.

For a two color streamer choose the first and second color boxes and your colors will alternate the length of the streamer.

For a three color streamer choose the first, second and third color boxes and your three colors will alternate the length of the streamer.

For four and five color streamers continue on with those color boxes.

Orders will ship in 2 to 4 business days.

Each metallic color section is 18" long x 12" tall and cut in 3/4" hula strips. The colors you choose will alternate every 18 inches down the length of the string.

Best Quality, Best Price, Best Service, Your Custom Colors... You can't go wrong!!!

The Brightest most eye catching string of streamers on the market and have been for many years.

These Metallic Streamers are not only Bright and Shiny but one of the longest lasting streamers manufactured today. Made to stand up to the elements.

Made right here in the U.S.A. Starting with a high strength Sag Resistant Poly Rope. Each 18" Metallic section is double sewn to the poly rope for added strength and that finished look!

The Metallic Sections are made of super strong Reflective Polyethylene that reflects the sun for a Super Bright Display of color to attract customers to your dealership or promotion.

Need longer or shorter strings? See our 30', 60' and 100' metallic streamers on our website!

If you have any questions please call 313-410-5940 for assistance.

"FREE SHIPPING" with any order over $99.99!   IS OUR COMPETITION PAYING YOUR SHIPPING CHARGES? With the high cost of shipping you better be comparing!!!

Note: Colors in our picture boxes above may vary from the actual metallic streamer colors you will receive. For comparison only. 

Maximum length is 120 feet, anything longer would be to heavy.

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